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Mar 13, 2002 09:07 PM

Wood Charcoal: where to buy?

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I'm looking for a New York supplier of large bags of wood charcoal for grilling.

I'm not talking about the puny 15-20 lb. bags (of perfectly good charcoal) they sell at Whole Foods or Home Depot, but the 40-50 lb. bags that you can find at ice and coal companies. (I once schlepped fifteen sacks down from Massachusetts that I bought at Brookline Ice & Coal.)

I would like to find a place I can drive to easily from lower Manhattan and pick up a dozen bags.

thanks for any advice!

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  1. LOL...I was just about to suggest Brookline Ice and Coal.....You better get those NY hounds to haul next time they come up for a dinner!

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Both Seabra's supermarkets in the Ironbound Newark nabe have wood charcoal, occasionally in 40 lb bags, but almost always in 20lb. bags.,dirt cheap.So does Corrado's in Clifton, NJ., which also sometimes has eucalyptus wood charcoal from Brazil, very cool for churassco. Any reason (more) 20 lb. bags can't substitute for 40-50 lb bags? You also might want to try the Argentinian Restaurant/butcher El Gauchito in Queens (not the one on the LIE), where I once bought a 40 lb bag of imported from Argentina charcoal that was killer good.

      1. re: Mark DiBlasi

        I got the charcoal from El Gauchito a short while ago, and probably wouldn't again, for two reasons:

        1. the wood is actually a fairly low grade brasilian hardwood, which aside from setting off eco-alarm bells (am i grilling over clearcut rainforest?), also had a fair amount of stones and other debris mixed in with the wood.

        2. the wood was terribly ashy- more so than briquettes, even.

        all the same, if you're going to eat beef, that's about as good of a place as any to buy it, and their chimmichurri sauce is also great.

        personally, i'm still inclined to stick with regular old royal oak charcoal. burns hot and clean and is a bit easier on my conscience.

        now where to get some more interesting smoking woods (alder, grape vines, apple, etc...anything but more mesquite or hickory)...big apple bbq center?

    2. If you are in lower Manhattan, why not go over to the Bowery and ask around? Paragon is the largest restaurant supplier there.

      1. My darling and sensitive wife gave me my birthday present this morning! 100 lbs. of wood charcoal!

        She also gave me a gorgeous Brinkmann smoker, but I'm just as excited that she found a local source for large bags (20 lb.) of wood lump charcoal.

        It's Big Apple BBQ Center:
        18-31 42nd St.
        Astoria, NY 11105

        Charcoal is by Mali's of East Amherst, NY

        1. Hi I'm Mr.De Los Santos. I represent Noriega Charcoal Co., which is a charcoal distributor located in the State of Arizona. We are expanding our company and opening a site in New York City. We will distribute 10, 20, and 40lbs bags of Mesquite lump and Oak lump charcoal.

          For any further questions or requests please email me at
          Thank you for your time.

          1. I am having the same problem only in East Bay, California. I am from NY and If I was there, I know where to buy everything. I love Brookline Ice & Coal. Anyone know the same type of store in East Bay, California? Thanks,