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Mar 13, 2002 10:47 AM

indian chinese

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my friend and i are hankering for some indian chinese food.
those who've had it know what i mean - chinese food interpreted for the indian palate - shredded lamb with chilli garlic, chilli chicken, american chop suey - do you know what i am talking about?
i've heard there are places in jackson heights that serve it, but i'd appreciate a name.
thank you very much!

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  1. The ones I know of are in Elmhurst, on Grand Ave, just south of Queens Blvd (near the Grand Ave/Newtown stop on the G/R/V lines). One is called Tangra Masala, and a couple blocks further down Grand Ave is Chopsticks. Tangra Masala is a formal sitdown restaurant while Chopsticks is more of a takeout joint. I did enjoy the chilli chicken and what they call the tangra masala beef (very spicy) at Tangra Masala, and will likely go there again to sample other parts of the menu. Interesting thing is that the appetizers seem more like chinese style indian food, and the mains are more like indian style chinese. Hope this helps.

    1. chinese mirch on lex and 28th is pretty tasty. i've had the chili chicken. my indian friends like.

      1. Tangra Wok on Queens Blvd., half a block from the 63rd Drive subway station in Rego Park is excellent. Here's what I just wrote about it a couple of weeks ago:
        "My husband & I just got back from our annual visit to NY and ate again at Tangra Wok last week. It was even better than we remembered it being last year! We went for lunch and were prepared to order the lunch specials. Our (very pleasant) server told us about a special they had going on---everything on the regular menu (except seafood dishes) was HALF PRICE! We re-reviewed our options and ended up ordering spring rolls, gobi Manchurian, chicken with eggplant, and a vegetarian eggplant & spinach dish.
        The spring rolls (2) were crisp, not a bit greasy, filled with a crunchy blend of vegetables. They were served with a delicious, garlicy sauce.
        The gobi Manchurian was outstanding. If you come here, you MUST order this! A wonderful blend of spices, and the cauliflower was cooked perfectly. Could have made a meal out of that alone!
        Our entrees came with plain, perfectly cooked Basmati rice. The chicken with eggplant was delicious---full of tender eggplant pieces, lots of chicken and a spicy, flavorful sauce. The eggplant/spinach dish was also very good, but we didn't realize until it came that the sauce would be identical to that of the chicken/eggplant. Will try for more variety next time!
        The entire meal came to just over $20 for the two of us (I just had water, DH had green tea). Our leftovers were quickly packaged up for us and there was enough to feed us both for lunch AGAIN the next day!
        I really can't recommend this place highly enough. Can't wait to go back next year---we may just eat there every day!"
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        1. There's a place called Talk of the Town in Jackson Heights - I believe it's at 37-21 72nd St (between Broadway and 37th Ave, and just a block west of the Little India strip). Unfortunately, I can't recommend it. I ate there once this past summer and was served half-cooked rice with the meal. The lamb dish I ordered was also very spicy (chili spicy) but not very flavorful otherwise. Maybe it's unfair to judge a restaurant based on a single meal; I wonder if anyone else has eaten there.

          You can do a search for Chilli Chicken (that's the name of the restaurant) on this board for reviews of their fare. If I remember right, it's on Roosevelt near 74th St.

          I've really, really wanted to like the Tangra Masala on Queens Blvd in Sunnyside (39-23 Qns Blvd, next to the 7 train). The decor is quite something - kind of a Qing Dynasty meets tiki bar, if you get my drift. And the staff were very welcoming and accommodating during my two visits. But the meals we had we pretty awful. Not recommended. Perhaps the branch in Elmhurst is better.

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