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Feb 14, 2002 01:16 PM

Violet (flower) candies

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Can anyone recommend a place in NYC to purchase candies made out of violet flowers, typically made by French companies like Candiflor?

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  1. Hi Chowhounds,
    Candy Store on St. Marks and 3rd.Ave sells Chowards Violets.


    1. New York Cake on 22nd St. sells candied violets as well as a couple of similar items (candied mint leaves or rose petals perhaps?) from France.

      As a young girl I babysat frequently for a French lady. I am ashamed to say I ate my way through an entire large box of candied violets over the course of a summer...they were wonderful, but I dont think Ive had one since.

      1. Thanks to Jen Kalb and Phil D. for both suggestions; I knew I could count on Chowhounds to come through! Now my wife won't have to bug friends travelling to Paris or Jersey to bring back some boxes!

        1. Balducci's also sells candied violets.

          1. Sweet Life, on the corner of Hester and Ludlow Streets, has candied violet and rose petals. Another hard-to-get in NYC item that they have is Dutch zoute drop (salt licorice). Also hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels and grahams, gummi killer bees and a store-made item called the "Lust Bar". It's covered in chocolate, haven't yet ventured to find out what's inside. Note: I believe they observe Shabbos and are closed on Saturdays.