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Bear Claws in NYC?

JDF Jan 21, 2002 09:31 AM

I just returned from an annual visit to my home state of California, and I realized that the pastry bear claw is the #1 childhood food item that I have been unable to track down in NYC. Any suggestions? A proper "California" bear claw--by my measuring stick--must have a fresh, flaky pastry, laced with an almond paste concoction, and have an exterior sprinkled with sliced almonds. I would travel anywhere in the Tri-state area to find this delicacy!

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  1. z
    zuriga RE: JDF Jan 21, 2002 05:10 PM

    I love bear claws, too. Don't think I've seen an authentic one in years of living in the NYC area. The closest I've gotten is a great almond croissant.. at Payard or a few other places. Good luck!

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    1. re: zuriga
      Brian W RE: zuriga Jan 22, 2002 08:14 PM

      Through the 1950s and into the 1960s most coffee shops/luncheonettes had bear claws. The ones at Bickfords were ok. Do you remember the Dick Van Dyke episode that involved Ned Glass as the coffee cart man in their office? Morey Amsterdam ordered a bear claw and got a big laugh.

      1. re: zuriga
        GeorgiaBearClaw RE: zuriga Sep 20, 2010 11:49 AM

        Well, here we are and it's September... still searching for Bear Claws. Will try 59th Street. Thanks!

      2. j
        JessicaSophia RE: JDF Jan 22, 2002 09:37 AM

        You're going to laugh at this suggestion, but actually some Starbucks locations have a fairly decent bear claw-- in particular the location at 59th and 9th Ave. They have that delicious almond filling, the sprinkled almonds, and a drizzle of white icing.

        As a marzipan and almond-paste fan, that's my favorite pastry too, and I'd love to hear if anyone else has found a better location to get them!

        1. p
          Peter Cuce RE: JDF Feb 6, 2002 10:45 AM

          It's funny you mention bear claws, because while researching cheese danishes, I happened upon an old post from Aki about Alfa Donuts. Apparently they have bear claws. Here's a link.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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          1. re: Peter Cuce
            Peter Cuce RE: Peter Cuce Feb 6, 2002 11:09 AM

            Oops, I read the posting wrong. The bear claws are from Grace's Marketplace, not Alfa Donuts.

          2. j
            jdf RE: JDF Feb 15, 2002 01:44 PM

            Thanks for all the responses to my bear claw query. I agree that there are some terrific almond croissants out there (Agata & Valentina, for one), and I'll check out Grace's Marketplace soon.

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