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Jan 13, 2002 09:03 PM

Clear Creek Distillery

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earlier on this board, a few people mentioned Clear Creek Distillery's Eau-de-Vie. i am looking to get the one with the pear in the bottle. does anyone know where i can find this in NYC? Thanks.

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  1. I bought the apple eau-de-vie from Park Avenue Wine and Spirits. I did my transaction over the phone and the bottle arrived out in Westchester the next day. They do carry Clear Creek. Give them call about the Pear in a Bottle. If you get a bottle let us know how it is. I think it will be my next splurge. Pat

    1. I am not sure about places in the city but Zachy's in Scarsdale (Westchester County) carries the full line and at reasonable prices. They may do phone orders and ship to you.
      Good Luck

      1. Many liquor stores in Manhattan, and the Heights Chateau in Brooklyn, carry the Clear Creek stuff. I bought mine at Astor Place Wine and Liquors. In fact, I called the distillery to find out who in NYC carries their products, and I got to talk to the master distiller, Steve McCarthy himself! (He answers his own phone...) The Poire Williams Eau de Vie is amazing; I also want to get the Eau de Vie de Pomme, and the raspberry, and... Look at the web site for more info.


        1. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful. I contacted Zachy's and they do have one bottle in stock for $80, but the minimum for shipment is $100. Called Park Avenue and they also have one bottle in stock, for $75, but said they could get more. I want to purchase 3 bottles, and was hoping to find an outlet that would have at least that many. Astor has the Clear Creek poire brandy, but do not carry the pear in the bottle version. The man I spoke to said they carry an Italian brand with a pear in the bottle, but are out of stock.