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Jan 13, 2002 05:37 PM

Topsy's Corn Fritters

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This goes back a REALLY long time, but there used to be a restaurant called Topsy's on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills that made the best corn fritters I've ever had.
It closed decades ago, but I can still remember exactly how they tasted- does anyone else know of these, and (wishful thinking) where you can get something like them now?

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  1. Rejoice. The best corn fritters I know are not far away from there.

    Seba Seba (acronym for "Serving Everything Baked Appetizing") 83-03 Northern Blvd, jackson heights. Ask for tortas de choclo.

    You'll be happy.

    1. I used to take a cit bus from The Bronx to Forest Hills with my parents to go to Topsy's. I thought they has the best fried chick in the world. If you remember all the staff working there were black. It was an amazing place.

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        I also remember Topsy's on Queens Blvd Forest Hills,my parents would stop with me on the way home from the theatre and I would order creamed chicken on toast,yum. Later when my future husband and I were dating we would dine here and have fried chicken etc. He liked their ham steak. I still have a souvenir made from a black baby nipple dressed in red and white mammy outfit. Remember the wooden settle benches and dripping candles? Ah for the good old days.


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          When Topsy's closed, Leroy (the owner?) opened a take-out place on Austin Street, and I worked there for a while. Yes, the best fried chicken and corn fritters in the world. - Mark

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            Sorry, correction.
            Leroy's chicken take out place was on Queens Blvd., across from where Topsy's was located.
            I worked at another place (a few years later) that was on Austin Street.

      2. Topsy's was a fantastic was really special dining...I remember it from the mid 1950's...and yes, the staff was black...guess it was a recreation of the old used your best manners there!

        1. I don't know why I was thinking of Topsy's. But those corn fritters were the best. I think what made them great was the gravy they were served with. Never have been able to find anything like them. Oh, and the chicken was excellent too.

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            Try Seba Seba (acronym for "Serving Everything Baked Appetizing"), a Colombian bakery at 83-03 Northern Blvd. Ask for a torta de chocolo. You'll be happy.

          2. google topsy's restaurant in image