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Jan 8, 2002 07:51 AM

TUC Crackers

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What company makes these? Does anyone know? I have been able to get these until recently and now non of the grocery stores, at least in my town and surrounding area, carries them. I don't know what company makes or I would get them to see if they could order them in for me. They are in a yellow box and I think I remember a red triangle on the corner, or maybe that was just my imagination. I think it may be one of these companies - Christie's, Dare or Nabisco. Or it could be any other one, who knows? If anyone can help me, please do.


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  1. Could they be made by McVities (sp?) or LU? Are you near New York City? Myers of Keswick might carry them, 212-691-4194. You can also try a Google search and buy them online by the case.

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    1. re: Loeb

      I've also noticed that the grocery stores here (Montreal) don't carry them anymore. :(

      McVitie's is a British company, I believe. I did a google search and found this message board, LOL


      1. re: khwang

        I also did a random search for tuc cookies and ended up here. I'm currently muching on one.

        Are you really desperate for some tuc? I could help you buy some if you want. they're really cheap here.