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Dec 22, 2001 10:09 AM

Indian Nuts

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I'm looking for a place to buy Indian Nuts -- a small, sweet, hard-shelled nut grown and hand-picked in the American southwest. They're expensive, yet I used to eat them all the time as a snack at my grandmother's house in Queens many years ago.

They used to sell them at a couple of nuts/produce stores near me on Long Island, but not anymore.

Does anybody know of anything in Queens or Manhattan?

-- E

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  1. for a minute there i thought you were addressing me ;)

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    1. re: howler

      No, no, he's talking about *Native American* nuts... :)

      1. re: Jeremy Osner
        Michele Cindy

        Are you positive that pine nuts and Indian nuts are the same? My dad used to buy them. I too would eat them with him at my grandparents house. They look like pine nuts but taste slightly different. Perhaps because you buy them in the shell? Does anyone know for sure? Also - where can you buy them in NYC?

        1. re: Michele Cindy

          Well definetly go down to Indian Row on Lexington Ave, btwn E30th and like 21st or something like that. there are dozens of Indian Spice and Nut stores there. I'm sure you can find what your'e looking for.

          My first Stop, of course would be my favorite food store in the city: Kalustyan's on 123 Lex. I could spend hours there. They have some of the most Knowlegable staff around and I'm pretty sure would be able to answer your question.

          1. re: DiscoStu
            Emanuel Kantro

            If anyone in the city carries them it would be Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue

            1. re: Emanuel Kantro

              OK, here's the scoop: Indian Nuts are NOT Pine Nuts. They may look alike, but Indian Nuts are sold in the shell and are shorter and rounder and sweeter than Pine Nuts. I am led to believe that there was NO CROP in 2001 in Arizona due to weather. Check out the flea markets next fall.

              1. re: David Locke

                I too, have been wanting to purchase some Indian nuts. (I'm in the Boston area) Half the nut stores I contacted didn't even know what I was talking about!! However, I was able to find a someone who gave me information similar to what was posted by Emanual Kantro. Indian nuts are not pine nuts (although similar) and come from the Southwest part of US. There is no connection to "India". I was also told that there was hardly any crop in 2001. What little this company had was selling for $25 a pound!! I was told to try again next Fall. I guess a few pine nuts will have to do!!

    2. You want to ask for pinenuts which is the same thing as "Indian nuts" I remember as a little girl we used to get them in Chinatown in Manhattan every time my cousin came up to visit from Florida. That was before pinenuts became so popular (pre-pesto days...)

      1. "Indian Nuts"? You've got to be kidding me.

        1. Found some!! try
          address is 108 rivington street NY, NY

          price - about $15 per pound which is actually a good buy. I live around Boston and found a gourmet shop selling them for $25 per pound.

          Can't guarantee the quality - but it's worth a try!!

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            I've been trying to solve the mystery of the missing indian nuts for 25 years! They were a staple entertainment when visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Brighten Beach Brooklyn back in the 40's and early 50's. Learning to crack them open with the back teeth without decimating the meat was an art form unto itself. What joy that grubby little ma/pa "candy store" where they were sold by the palm-full for a penny out of a mechanical jar -- while we're at it, does anyone know where you can get an authentic black and white semi-frozen milk malted? But I digress. Back to indian nuts. I was never fooled by pine nuts-- they're a whole other animal -- for a while thought m-a-y-b-e they were some engineered variety, but no. Indian nuts are indian nuts and pine nuts are pine nuts. Gotta go -- it's a long ride down to Rivington Street!