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Dec 18, 2001 06:33 PM


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Where can I can some really good dal, like I had in India? In NYC?

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  1. Try Pongal on Lex between 27th and 28th.

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    1. re: micki trager

      what else is good there? It looks interesting and is right near where my son goes to a doctor Have been meaning to try it.


      1. re: tigerwoman

        Just saw your email--holiday busy stuff has kept me away from the board. I love Pongal for their dosai--the Indian version of the crepe. The standard bearer is the masala dosa--a long, crisp crepe made of rice flour and lentil flour (or they can be made by soaking the rice and/or lentils and grinding them in a food processor)and filled with a spicy potato mixture which could include cashews, peas, cilantro, etc. I also enjoy their rava dosa--these are made exclusivly with rice flour and come out lacy and crunchy. Dosai are traditionally served with a sambar and a coconut chutney. It's a meal all by itself. Great for lunch or a light dinner. Have a blast.


    2. at home. impossible elsewhere. what dal are you craving?

      1. I might not have had the type of Dal you're talking about -- but I had an excellent Dal dish (menu boasted 12 hour cooked lentils) at the PUNJABI 5 STAR DINER yesterday, on 21st street in LIC.

        yummy as can be. Love that lil dive...