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Dec 12, 2001 10:24 AM


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any ideas on where to find good mojitos?

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  1. ideya, isla, son cubanos, all n nyc

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    1. re: sk

      bcs of the unseasonably warm weather yesterday, i had a craving for a mojito. went to son cubanos. it was delicious. the perfect combo of tart, sweet and mint. as for apps, the coco shrimp was also good, although the crabcake and chorizo were both forgettable. i have not had a chance to try all of the suggested mojito purveyors... but i will!

    2. Sabor, Amsterdam between 82 and 83. Food's good, too.

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        Caitlin Wheeler

        The best one I've had (and I've tried Sabor and Ideya) is at Clementine, on 5th Avenue.

        1. hands down the best ones are at baraza, a bar on ave c and 10th. the have a sister restaurant with the same mojitos at ave c and 10th called esparanzo (sp?).

          so good, made with mad love and experience

          1. Best are at Milk & Honey on Eldridge. Fresh, Lime, Excellent presentation. They're Yanquis, but hey make the best ones.

            You have to have to call in advance and you hve to kbnow someone to get the number. They screen you with a video camera before they decide to let you in.

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            1. re: IZY

              I heard about this place but didn't get a chance to go when I was in NYC a few weeks ago.

              Here's my question: What defines a good mojito to you? I've been making them for a while and tend to mix toward the sweeter side, probably slightly less tart than a good limeade. And I add enough rum so that you can taste it but it doesn't overpower the mint-lime-sugar combo. I've had them out at a few places and they've been all over the board (one at a Gloria Estefan-owned bar in South Beach was strong enough to curl your eyebrows). What do you think?

              1. re: ted

                i had some yummy ones in miami recently. the key (for me) is that the drink is not too sweet. i have had some in nyc that have tasted like a combo of mouthwash and cough syrup. i haven't had a chance to try all of these places yet, but thanks for tips...