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Nov 22, 2001 01:31 PM

Anadama Bread

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ANADAMA BREAD any one have any good recipes and places that bake this Gloucester Ma. bread?

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    Allie D'Augustine

    Bob, look up the recipe in Brooke Dojny's New England Cookbook -- I haven't tried her Anadama bread, but it's one of my current favorite cookbooks, both for baked stuff (good banana bread recipe when my mom lost her standby, and I just tried this yummy cranberry orange bread) and otherwise. I'd guess that her recipe would for Anadama bread would be a good one.


    1. The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook, by Christopher Kimball has a recipe for Anadama Bread. It is the only Anadama bread I have ever tried, so I don't know if it is traditional, but it is delicious and easy.