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Nov 7, 2001 01:32 PM

canned smoked salmon

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When I lived in California, we used to do alot of grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. One thing that I really miss but have been unable to find in the city is their canned smoked salmon. It's packaged and has the consistancy of canned tuna, except is smoked salmon. Does anyone know where I can find this in Manhattan? Thanks.

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    Peter B. Wolf

    Find a Trader Joe location near you:

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    1. re: Peter B. Wolf
      Megan the Librarian

      Unfortunately, there are no Trader Joe's in the 5 boroughs - you have to go out to Long Island or Jersey to find them. Incidentally, I wonder why they don't have a TJ in NYC? They'd clean up!


      1. re: Peter B. Wolf

        Trader Joe's on Long Island? Who knew? All this time I thought it was a strictly West Coast store. Now I have to make the trek out to Long Island to shop. Thanks for the tip!

      2. I was just at Trader Joe's in Plainview, Long Island this Saturday and purchased a can of the smoked salmon for $2.69 as well as some fabulous canned smoked trout at about the same price. The closest Trade Joe's to NYC is in Hewlett, Long Island and you can take the Long Island Rail Road there. The station is across from the store, please see the link attached for directions and location.