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Oct 21, 2001 12:18 PM

Pan de los Muertos

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Anyone have any sources for Pan de los Muertos in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I think Rocking Horse Cafe in Chelsea bakes a batch but I haven't heard of any other places.

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  1. Try Chelsea Kitchen/Market up the street from Rocking Horse on 8th Ave. I think I saw them there in years past.


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    1. re: iron frank

      If you are looking in Brooklyn, yOu might want to try Lopez Bakery (5TH aVE at 8th Street) in the Slope -

      A couple years ago, I bough a huge bread shaped like a snake from them -

      there is also a mexican commercial bakery on one of the side streets in the south slope and other local bakeries and stores catering to the local mexican clientele, where you may find what you want.

      Hope you post when you find out what you are looking for.