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Oct 16, 2001 01:04 PM

Grilled Sardines

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I had some fat smokey ones at an otherwise mediocre upper east side tapas place just this weekend. Where else can I find good ones ? Are there any other Spanish or Greek restaurants around that do them justice ?

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  1. I had a great plate of sardines at Ithaka in the West Village.

    1. I had great sardines at a Saloon - Jimmy Armstrong's
      (57th & 10th) I guess you'd have to call in advance to check if they have them. There is a Greek rest. on 55th between (6th & 7th)whose name escapes me at this hour, that had a decent seafood selection. Try that too.

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      1. re: Anil Khullar
        Josh Mittleman

        That's Uncle Nick's. Yes, the grilled sardines there are marvelous.

      2. Try Alfama, the Portuguese restaurant on Perry & Hudson.