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Oct 5, 2001 01:09 AM

Sutters' pecan ring

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Anybody (besides you, Mom) remember Sutters Bakery, which used to be on Greenwich Avenue lo these 30 years ago? They made a wonderful pecan ring--a moist, buttery yeast-based coffee cake with lots of rich, toasted pecans. Can anyone suggest a substitute?

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  1. Every time we visited NY from So Cal, my grandmother and I would board the plane with boxes full of Sutter's cakes. Some from Ebinger's too! No matter how good the bakeries were out here, somehow they just never equalled those two.

    1. SIGH! I grew up on 11th Street, around the block from Sutter's. We were always taken there as a treat, but all I remember ever getting was either crumb cake or cherry danishes. I loved them so much I couldn't bear to try anything else! Glad someone else remembers the place.

      1. My husband grew up in the Bronx where there apparently also was a Sutter's. He h as the same Marcel Proust memories about the coffee ring. I love to bake and have tried to duplicate it from my own memories of it. I would love if someone could approximate those delicious coffee cakes. I'm still looing and dreaming.

        1. Wonderful Sutter's. I grew up on 12th St and on Sunday morning got up early to run the 3 blocks to Sutters and stand in line for a fresh, hot and fragrant pecan coffee ring for my mother and me to devour along with the Sunday Times! The only rival for my heart would be Sutter's shell-shaped cookies - two melt in your mouth shells with raspberry jam between - I cannot even remember what they were called!

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            As a kid, I worked in Sutter's on Greenwich. I packed cookies. The cookie that you enjoyed so much was called a clam. All Sutter's cookies were entirely hand-made. I placed the raspberry filling on one half and then came back to top it with another half. The same clam shape was used with a plain dough where the narrow end was first dipped into chocolate and finished with crushed pistachios. These were known as a pistachio tip.

          2. There was also a Sutter's on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn. I do remember their cheese danish and pecan coffee cake. Real good. Back then it was a good bakery. Today it would considered excellent.