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Sep 11, 2001 09:34 AM

Lobster Bisque

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On someone's advice on this board, I tried the lobster bisque at the Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant NJ and was very disappointed. Any other suggestions?

I had excellent lobster bisque at Le Rendez-vous Bistro in Kennilworth NJ (exit 138 on the GSP, I think), but they only have it from time to time, maybe one week every couple of months.

Incidentally, we were in Provincetown MA on Cape Cod this summer, and their lobster bisque, which had been excellent for the more than twenty years we have been going there, was also inexplicably mediocre. What's going on here? Anyone know of any great lobster bisque regularly available in the NY area, especially to take out?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I haven't tried a lot of places in New York, but I thought that the Soup Nazi's (55th & 8th) lobster bisque was as good as any that I've gotten in Maine.

      1. I'm sorry if I steered you wrong. . .I haven't been to the Lobster Shanty in almost two years, and I'd be heartbroken if their lobster bisque had deteriorated. (Plus I'd need to find a new place to have my wedding!)

        Can I ask, what didn't you like about it? That way I can see if our tastes just differ, or if it was truly awful. Also, explaining what you consider "great" lobster bisque can help other posters find places you'd like. :-)

        I consider "good" lobster bisque to be creamy but not thick, with a hint of sherry and pieces of seafood that are large enough to be detectable but not so big they fall off my spoon. And it must be served hot! I always always will send it back if it's not the perfect temperature.

        1. the Oyster Bar used to have a take-out area before the recent renovation. the "she crab" soup was fabulous. i don't remember the lobster bisque. sadly, i don't think the take-out area exists anymore (my office moved, so i'm not sure).

          1. If you are ever down in the shore area again, the 2 best Loster Bisques are from The MOhageny Grill and Old Mill INN. I have live here forever and never heard anything about the Lobster Shanty being the best.