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Sep 8, 2001 10:31 PM


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Does this macrobiotic restaurant still exist in Manhattan? If they're still around, how's their food these days?

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  1. Bland as ever, but I mean that in a good way - really! Yes, they are still in business. I dined at their SoHo location a few nights ago. I had salmon and my date had Soba noodles. Miso soup and daikon radish were our first courses. All of it was fine - very healthy, and you feel virtous afterwards. Their 13th St. location is also still in business. I guess I should have answered you on the Manhattan board, although this crave board is aimed at NYC in particular, so maybe it's not so grave an offense, and you *were* craving Souen's chow - right?

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      Yes, thanks for the update. I'm planning to visit Manhattan in Oct. and thought I would drop by for old time's sake.

      Do they still have agedashi dofu on the menu? I remember it as being quite good and not so bland.