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Sep 8, 2001 09:31 PM

Manhattan Special Espresso Soda

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Does anyone know a supermarket in Manhattan that sells Manhattan Special Espresso Soda?

I enjoy it at Managanaro's Hero Boy restaurant but have not been able to find it anywhere else.

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    Jeremy Osner

    Most of the places I know to buy Manhattan Special are in Queens or Brooklyn. I'm pretty sure the newsstand on the corner of Spring and Lafayette carries it, and I'm sure I've seen it at a couple of other delis and newsstands near there, on Prince and Spring between Lafayette and Bowery.

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      You can get Manhattan Special in Manhattan at all the "Bruno's King Of Ravioli" shops. There are at least three I know of: 8th Ave below 23rd; 9th Ave around 44th; and 2nd Ave around 17th. Now, here is a tough one: they stock regular(yellow label)and diet (blue label), but at one time Manhattan Special made a diet decaf (green label). I have not seen it in years. Anyone know if they still make it?

    2. I have seen it at Todaro- second ave at about 29th st

      1. The Italian deli on the southeast corner of First Ave. & E. 59 St. has it .

        1. I have seen it at the Associated Supermarket near me (14th Street and 1st Ave). I don't know if that means other Associateds carry it or not.

          1. I love it, too, and have been able to find it uptown at University Food Market and Milano Deli, both located near Columbia University. I've also seen it at assorted bodegas throughout the city.