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Sep 6, 2001 03:34 PM

black bread, landeskornbrot

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Where is the best place in the five boroughs for to buy fresh, earthy, slightly sour black bread?

Also, anywhere to get good, German or Austrian style whole grain loaves? Landeskornbrot, the bread with sunflower seeds, that sort of thing. (No, not Mestermacher, please... The kind of bread you get in any Anker shop in Vienna for cents.)

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  1. Hi there,
    you are expressing my sentiment exactly. On visits to my birthplace Vienna I made it a daily habit to drop into the next Ankerbrot shop to buy a half loaf of any bread I fancied that day, had a few slices with butter or pork roast drippings and did the same the next day, until my wife told me off for filling up the bread bin with left-over bread. It has been a source of frustration for me not to find any baker where we live who is able and/or willing to bake anything resembling good Austrian Landbrot. We spent most of our lives in the SF bay area, but retired to Oregon in 2007. Have you found any good bakery yet?

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      NB: This thread is from 2001 and it appears that the OP may be long gone from the Manhattan board.

      Thought Landbrot Bakery may be interest of you:

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        Thank you for the link, but it is too far from Oregon..

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          Please note this is the Manhattan board.

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            I understand that, which is why it is too far away. I stumbled into this BB - is there a West Coast board as well?

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              Here's the full list: . Check out Metro Portland or Pacific Northwest.