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Sep 5, 2001 04:14 PM

French andouillette sausage in NYC

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Not the Louisiana andouille, of course. The sausage I am talking about is the size of a nice fat weisswurst. It's made of smoked chitterlings and had a taut, pale skin which gently splits as the sausage is grilling. I would serve it hot with some good mustard and a heap of frites. If I could find it. The "French Butcher" on 3rd Ave (between 22 and 23) thought he might be able to get it for me, but no luck yet.

Oh yeah, raw from a store or cooked is fine.

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  1. Did you try D'Artagnan?

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    1. re: christina z
      Michele Cindy

      On my way in to work just today I read a sign in the window of "Cuzins" meat market that's on 9th & 39th, that listed at least 12 different types of sausage they carry. You might want to call them and if they don't carry it perhaps they will order it for you. They're very nice and customer friendly.

      1. re: Michele Cindy

        I have eaten at D'Artagnan's, but it certainly wasn't on the menu. Maybe they make it, and I guess they probably have a web-site which will tell me. Also thanks for ths sausage shop tip.

    2. I know that the Les Halles butcher counter (Park Avenue South between 28th & 29th) used to have them raw (along with equally good boudins noir and blanc). My bet is they still do. Good luck.