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Aug 29, 2001 09:34 PM


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I used to buy meringues by the bagful from the Bouley Bakery Cafe which has since closed. They were awesome -- not too much cream of tartar like most bakeries; they tasted home-baked (which I generally don't have time to do!). Anyone know of another bakery that has great meringues?

Since Bonte and now Bouley B. closed I am feeling very sad about the state of baked goods in NYC!

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  1. I worked at Bouley Bakery a few years ago,and making those meringues was a half day process, requiring a long time in a low oven.They had a beautiful oven to make these in,which few other places in this city have.I think other places have tried to replicate these,but never really succeeded..they were a beautiful thing.