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Aug 28, 2001 10:31 PM

wonton wrappers

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where in chinatown can i get wonton wrappers---fresh, not frozen.

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  1. Hello:
    The best place in Chinatown to get just about anything is Asia Market Corp. at 71 1/2 Mulberry St. They have fresh round and square wonton wrappers in the soda fridge just as you enter on your left. They have a secret as well: the downstairs. They supply restaurants around the city and have an extensive selection of goods down there. All you have to do is ask. They're very friendly.

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    1. re: Todd C.

      thanks for the tip....
      i went- id actually been in that place before, but not recently. a very good store. the japanese products were resonabl priced as well...

      havent tried the wonton wrappers yet. i wonder if anyone else makes their own in Chinatown..these are from a producer in brooklyn.