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Aug 28, 2001 07:07 AM

spanish nestle quik - "cola cao"

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so i had this stuff when i was in spain, and it was awesome! their webpage is www.cola-cao.es, but i can't seem to find a place on the page where i can order it from them.

does anyone know any spanish neighborhoods in new york city where there might be a grocery store that would carry a box of this?


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  1. I just got a catalogue from a place in Williamsburg, VA, called tienda.com. They've got it, and a lot of other Spanish stuff, at what look like very good prices. their info:
    1-888-472-1022 or 1-757-220-1143
    fax 1-757-564-0779

    1. I can't tell you where to buy it in the US, but I can understand your search-- Cola Cao rocks!! when I studied in spain a few years ago it was such a tasty morning treat, or when we were stumbling home from the clubs we would stop for churros con chocolate, all night churros stands are something the US could really use! I loved their warm, chewy, pancake-like consistency.

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        Lynne Hodgman

        Are there any importers of Spanish food with web sites? I wish I could get Spanish instant decaf Nescafe! Believe it or not, it was better than most brewed coffee I get here in Kansas. Would love to be able to buy that PLUS the chocolate. Spanish olives (the ones filled with salmon or almonds or cheese) were wonderful...