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Aug 24, 2001 07:43 PM

spanish coffee beans

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bought some great beans from Novell Cafe in can TASTE the coffee...where can i buy beans from spain in manhattan or nj? someone suggested columbian beans from starbucks, but it is so inferior to the beans i bought from spain!

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  1. There's a great shop called Porto Rico Importing Co. on St. Mark's betwn. 1 & 2's on the South side of the street...Barrels full of coffee beans from all over the world. Trust me, if you get close enough to the store, your nose will lead the way.
    I think there might be a few other locations too.

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      thanks guys...i will try both!

    2. Same msg to you as to the guy who's looking for Cola Cao: in Williamsburg, VA has Cafe Otero in their catalogue. 1-888-472-1022