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Aug 6, 2001 03:16 PM

Spaghetti with ketchup - does anyone else eat this?

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When I was growing up my mom and dad would whip up a quick bowl of thin spaghetti, mixed with butter and then mixed with Heinz ketchup. Often we would have it with Bordens grated american cheese sprinkled on top (which I can't find anywhere these days, anyone have an outlet for it?) I still eat it. And I still really enjoy it. Most people really look disgusted when I mention it. Just wondering are there any closet spaghetti and ketchup folks here?

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  1. I have never had this, but friends of my in-laws were talking about it one day. They were newly married, and she (Irish) was anxious to show off her cooking skills. He (Italian) asked for pasta. He got overcooked spaghetti with butter and ketchup, which is what she had grown up believing was Italian food. They're still happily married, believe it or not. :)

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      benny la coco

      thats the Irish for ya

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        I thought Spaghetti and ketchup was urban legend!

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          I don't want to yuck your yum, but the appeal of such a concoction is beyond me.

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            Heh. Well, maybe you should try some and expand your horizons? ;-)

    2. Oh my! I thought only MY family was served that combo. My mother always cooked spaghetti with ketchup and grated cheese when my sisters and I were growing up. When we were in our teens, she went all 'exotic' and started using Ragu. Actually, the ingredients - butter, ketchup and grated cheese don't sound gross at all to me. Though, quite honestly, I haven't thought about that preparation in years. But it sure sounds like comfort food. So, yes, guess I WAS a 'closet spaghetti and ketchup eater' - albeit quite a few years ago. (Hey! This isn't my twin, Lynn, posting this, is it??? The post was signed "Too embarrassed to say." Well....if it IS.....well, as Emily Latella used to say on SNL, "Nevermind!")

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        Michele Cindy

        Just read your reply, I'll come out of the closet I confess, it's me.

      2. 'japanese spaghetti' is made w/ ketchup...i make it all the time and at first my friends were turned off, but once they tasted it, they had to admit they liked it.

        boil up the noodles, then in a frying pan quickly stir fry some onions and slices of ham if you eat pork (or bite size pieces of chicken breast is another possibility)...salt, pepper...(i'd use ajinomoto -- otherwise known as msg)...and ketchup...toss in the noodles.

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          That's awesome, cept for the evil msg part! I've done that before. It's very good. Didn't quite know it was a japanese dish, but I suspected it might be.

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            My mom doesn't it this way too, and I love it with bacon :P~~

          2. I like cold spaghetti with ketchup. Thinking about it just now made me wonder what it would be like to serve that combo with some of the new green or purple ketchup on it. I bet you could really gross some people out with that. What fun!

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              Hah! Yeah! That'd be swell on Halloween.

            2. during my time as an exchange student in finland in the early 1980's, i came across the horror (sorry) of ketchup and spaghetti several times. i must admit a bit of shock the first time i saw what my host brother was able to do with a perfectly fine plate of buttered noodles, finnish/swedish meatballs on the side, and a squeeze bottle of ketchup. he seemed puzzled by the fact that i didn't follow suit, instead asking someone to pass the cheese and butter. ah, but the horror was to continue, when, on another occassion, my host brother squeezed ketchup and mustard unto a (thankfully, self-sized) pizza, which was topped by melted cheese and canned peas. no sitings of cardboard cylinder parmesan cheese, however.

              a couple of years later a finnish student studying in the u.s. reported having spaghetti for dinner earlier that night. intrigued, i asked him what sort of sauce he put on it. "oh, the family had some weird looking red sauce with meat in it." "did you eat it?" i asked. "no way. i asked for the ketchup."

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                Too Embarrassed to Say

                That's a really funny story. When I was in grade school I would ask all of my friends to taste the spaghetti, butter and ketchup mixture and for the most part they liked it. My one friend still eats it to this day. For those who haven't tried it, the closest thing I've had that reminds me of it is Pad Thai. Well, I guess a really bad Pad Thai that is.

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                  It probably reminds you of pad thai for good reason. My favorite recipe for pad thai actually includes a lot of ketchup, mixed of course with fish sauce and garlic. It is from Jennifer Brennan's The Original Thai Cookbook. (However, I usually don't scramble the eggs in like she says -- I usually do them separately as an egg pancake and use it as a garnish.) Ketchup seems to really have legs in lots of Asian cuisines.

                  BTW, my grandfather loved spaghetti with ketchup too. It was for him the essential accompaniment to my grandmother's wonderful fish cakes.

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                    I did the spaghetti noodle and ketchup dish when I was in high school....and then I started cooking professionally....and the noodle/butter/ketchup dish is still something we cooks in San Francisco occasionally eat when there's no time to fix much else for staff meal. We have some great Thai restaurants in SF that are literally holes in the wall with good Pad Thai. I hate to think there's ketchup in it, but who know's?! :)

                    1. re: Nicole
                      Melanie Wong

                      Nicole, could we ask you to move over to the SF board to post some info on said Thai places? One of our common themes on the SF Bay Area board is how lousy so many Thai restaurants have become. We'd love to hear about the good ones.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        Melanie....I'm going over to the SF board with two Thai places.....if you're in Bay Area, please add any good places....thanks

                2. re: jr

                  I feel it's better when you just barely cover the noodles with the ketchup. For sure.