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Jul 30, 2001 08:29 AM

"Stage Planks"

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This is not one of my cravings, but is being posted at the request of a close friend who grew up in Mississippi--he longs for cookies known as "STAGE PLANKS" (aka "Ikes & Mikes", but up North here that's a candy to us!) He drew a picture--they are large almost pop tart sized cookies, two came in a pack, they were cinnamon-based but could be iced with strawberry frosting. He claims that they are still available in certain parts of Mississippi. Has anyone first, heard of these, and second, know where/how they can be obtained in the NYC metro area or otherwise? He also mentioned a candy known as "BUTTER LOGS". Thanks, y'all.

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  1. I didn't believe it either. Hence, this search which led me to your inquiry. They apparently used to be called Rock'n Roll Stage Planks. They were made by Jack's Cookie Company. Murray Biscuit Company bought out Jack's and now markets them as just "Rock'n Roll. They are available in the New Orleans area in "Sav-a-Center" stores (A&P stores).
    They are a thin gingerbread cookie, with scalloped edges and holes in the middle, with a very thin pink icing coat.
    Murray Biscuit Company LLC
    P.O. Box 888
    Evanston, Illinois 60128

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      Thanks so much for responding!! My friend was visiting his family in Mississippi, and went to the general store where he used to buy them purchase some, but it was Saturday, and the store was closed-namely because the store gets most of its customers from a mill across the street, and understandably, the mill is closed on Saturdays (as I type this, it seems so bizarre to a New York City person). I'll pass the info on to him! Thanks again--and the way you described the cookies is exactly how he did!! Doreen

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        I can not tell you how happy I am to find out the name of the company that makes Stage Planks. They were a favorite cookie of mine as a child. I can not seem to find them anywhere here in California. I am in great hopes that after contacting the company, they'll send me a box. Also, I thought it was rather nice to know that I'm not the only person in the world with a craving for Stage Planks.

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          HEY! So glad that my friend's request has made you all feel so "non-alone" in your craving! Someday I will have to get me a stage plank and enjoy it--which I am sure I will! Doreen

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            I am so excited, i could scream. I'm from upstate ny, and as a child, i loved stage planks. I'm now 38, and have never forgotten them. I've been going from site to site, and by god, i found them. or mctwholesale. You can order them in large quantities. I am so excited. Please, if anyone follows up on this, please email me. I'm so happy if i helped someone! Mecca.

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        for what it is worth: i used to buy stage planks regularly from the 'deli-mart' on the corner of bedford avenue and north seventh street in brooklyn. as in brooklyn, new york. they were really tasty and i was really broke and they were really cheap (REALLY cheap, something like 20 cents a pack). this wasn't in 1940 or anything, either. this was in, oh, maybe 1991.

        they don't sell them at the deli mart anymore, but i bet someone distributes them here in the city still...

      3. I know them as High Five stage planks. Baked by Consolidated Biscuit Co.,McComb, OH 45858Bought some today at the Franklin Bakery Thrift Store in Goldsboro, NC. They also sell them in boxes of (I believe) 12.The clerk said they used to be called Rock 'n Rolls.

        1. I've heard of this candy, my mother, who grew up in northern mississippi used to eat them and loved them. She too, cannot find them. She said they came in wax paper packages, two to a package, and they were gingerbread coockies with hot pink icing on them. I hope someone knows where to get them, I want her to have some for christmas!!


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            Jennifer Weber


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              Where do you live? I've heard of a store that maybe sells hometown favorites such as stage planks and peanut butter logs in Brooklyn? Will find out more.
              In follow-up to previous postings, a friend's relatives brought back Stage Planks for me from a trip to Mississippi recently. I awaited in gleeful anticipa-
              tion for the goodies to be delivered to me--unfortunately, due to mix-up, the relatives thought my friend had brought me my share, and gave out the rest. Alas, Alack! No Stage Planks yet!! Doreen

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                Jennifer Lynn Weber

                Hi Doreen, thanks for your note. I live in Lexington, South Carolina, a few miles from Columbia. Growing up we lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and that's where my sister and I always got the stage planks. How I'd love to get some for her. I would welcome any more information you may have! Thanks again.

          2. are there any stage planks in dallas tx

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              cookie monster

              Strange how im sitting here eating a pack of stage planks right now while im reading this. So for what its worth they are also available, although sometimes hard to find, in convienice stores around the NC East Coast.

            2. hello,

              Following is the name of the company that makes (Uncle Al's stage planks:

              Uncle Al's Cookies, Inc.
              2070 Parkway Office Circle
              Hoover Al. 35244

              Memphis, TN