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Jul 26, 2001 06:49 AM

mongolian bbq

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my friend would like to know where he can get good mongolian bbq in manhattan

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  1. According to a circular dropped on my doorstep, Mongolian barbeque is available in Hoboken at "Gobi" at 746 Park Ave. That's not Manhattan I realize and I can't comment on the quality, never having been there. But Hoboken is only a few minutes from Manhat on the PATH. From there you could take a cab for a few more bucks. If you decide to go, do hold on to the address, as Hoboken cab drivers are not likely to know where a new joint is.

    It's a reasonable deal--$12.95 for unlimited food.

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    1. re: hobokenhenry

      There's a deli @ 6th/56th sts. which offers
      up something they call "mongolian bbq" - it's
      a sort of do-it-yourself-stirfry cooked up on
      a giant frying pan. It's pretty good food for
      about $4.99 / lb.

      1. re: Brian Cuff

        There is another deli on the south side of 40th street between 7th and 8th Ave which offers the "Mongolian BBQ" Brian Cuff described. You collect all sorts of raw vegetables, seafood, noodles and/or meat and miscellaneous sauces in a metal thing that looks like a dog-food-bowl, give it to the (Korean) people behind the counter and they will stir-fry it on a gigantic metal plate (with the use of -I think- cherry vinegar?). All raw materials are very fresh and everything is of course cut into little pieces. It is as good and creative as your selection and you pay by the pound. Prices are cheaper after 3:00pm and they are closed in the evenings.