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Jul 19, 2001 08:11 AM

rice cakes with mung bean filling

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I tasted this in a thai/viet rest. in Rochester.
It looked like poached eggs. 2 pieces of flat sticky rice wrapper filled with ground (yellow) mung beans.
this was an appitizer not a dessert.It was hot tempwise & the rice got strechy like mozzarella.It had a coconut sauce on top. (might be called Tet cake)
Help I've got to find in NY/NJ area. tia, mark

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  1. I'm not that well-versed in Thai/Viet foods, but have you checked the Vietnamese store (I think it's got something that says Paris bakery in English...or was that in Chinese? The sign is yellow with red letters.) that's next to the buddhist temple in China town right at the Manhattan bridge entrance? They're not a restaurant, but have good Bahn mi(Vietnamese Sandwich) and a large selection of snacks.

    I know someone on this site has clearer directions than this....

    There's also a Thai grocery store on Mosco street just off Mott(go downhill on Mosco), but I don't know how large the selections are for snacks.

    Good luck!