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Jul 6, 2001 12:11 PM

Chicago style pizza?

  • j

Are theer any better Chigo style (deep dish) joints than Uno's in Manhattan or Queens?


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  1. My fiance is from Joliet, IL and swears that Chicago pizza, in addition to being deep dish, also puts the sauce on TOP of the cheese. Born and bred a New Yorker, I find that concept totally alien. Is this true? Does Uno's serve it that way? (Never been.)

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    1. re: Denise K.
      Caitlin McGrath

      Could he be referring to the double-crust variation (not what Uno serves)? This has a crust on the bottom, then the cheese and other toppings/fillings, then a second crust layer with the sauce on top of that.

      1. re: Denise K.

        Uno's has the cheese on top. Totono's in Coney Island (which is of course NY style) does put the sauce on top of the cheese.

        Hmm, so no good Chicago style pizza here? Awww. Thanks anyway.