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Jun 12, 2001 01:39 PM

tres leches in NY/NJ

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Suddenly I've gotten a craving for one of my South Florida favorites. Any recommendations? Of course, an entree of marinated pork and rice and beans would be a bonus.

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  1. Try the tres leches cake at La Palapa in the EV. Super light and pretty moist. The best I've had around here...but make sure to avoid the one at Mexicana Mama I got it as take out a couple of weeks ago and it was un cooked, gummy, about as dense as a bowling ball and they stuffed it into a to-go coffee cup... very disappointing.

    1. Martino's, a Cuban restaurant in Somerville (NJ) serves delicious tres leches cake, very rich and succulent. I went there for my birthday last year by special request and a table of about 10 people shared one large serving of the cake. (Not that I couldn't manage to polish off a piece all by myself.)

      Their food is very good too. You could take the train out (The Raritan Valley Line of NJ Transit) and the restaurant is about a 5 block walk.

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        John Piekarski

        My birthday is coming up. Laurel, is this a good place to go with my wife and our soon-to-be-3 son? What's it like? Jim, what about the place you recommended?

        1. re: John Piekarski

          very glarey diner, but good for kids, reasonably friendly/homey and with that bustling vibe (not rushed, though) that tells you the place is serious.

          fantastic tres leches, cuban tamales, spanish-style hot chocolate, sugarcane juice, diplomatico (fruit cakey flan), doce de leche, cuban sandwiches, picadillo, all the serious cuban soulfood.

            1. re: emily

              El Artesano 867-7341 Bergenline @ 41st, Union City, NJ

          1. re: John Piekarski

            I think Martino's would be a great place for a special birthday meal (having done it myself.) And it seems to be child-friendly, an unpretentious place, very family-like, homey, not fancy (get the picture?). Martino is the kind of guy who comes out and tangoes with the ladies occasionally. But most importantly he cooks delicious Cuban food.

            212 W Main St
            Somerville NJ

            Happy Birthday!!

        2. One stop eating:

          El Artesano 867-7341 Bergenline @ 41st, Union City, NJ