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May 30, 2001 05:08 PM


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I am looking for a recipe for either twelve bean or
seven bean soup. Not sure how many bean soup it is but someone out there HELP.

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  1. Gloria:

    You can purchase premixed packages of 7, 12 or 15-bean soup in many supermarkets, and many if not most of these packaged mixes bear recipes on them. A friend of mine makes his in a crockpot. I myself have never made these particular soups, but have made homemade pea, potato and lentil soup--the trick is to use a good smokey stock as the liquid--either from the "cooking juice" from smoked ham hocks, smoked butt, neckbones, turkey, etc. Then, the usual--potatoes,carrots, stewed tomatoes, celery etc., and of course seasonings such as bay leaves and thyme. Refer to a standard cookbook, look under "bean" or "dried legume" soup--but first check those packages in the store for a recipe--I will try to get back to the board on this when I have more time!