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May 17, 2001 01:22 PM

Krispy Kreme ALERT

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Free Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed only) and coffee being made and given out in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street RIGHT NOW!

Better hurry...

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if it was related to the annual shareholder's meeting that took place today. I should have attended, but my work schedule would not permit me to do so (sigh).

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    1. re: Minty
      Megan the Librarian

      It actually was to "celebrate" that Krispy Kreme had switched their stock from NASDAQ to the NYSE. Hence, free hot glazed donuts and coffee in front of the Stock Exchange. I was one of the schlubs in line. I'm always up for a hot Krispy Kreme - and free is even better!