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May 14, 2001 01:57 PM

Romanian stuffed cabbage

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Jim's paen to the stuffed cabbage at Goulash Place evoked fond memories for me. From the late eighties up until a couple of years ago I went to a Romanian woman for manicures, and early on in the relationship we discovered a mutual passion for cooking and food. She was happy to describe for me at great length all the dishes she fixed for special occasions, including mamaliga and stuffed cabbage. A couple of times she brought me something she had fixed, and her stuffed cabbage was heavenly! If I remember correctly, it was stuffed with a mixture of ground pork and sauerkraut and then baked buried in more sauerkraut. She got her real estate license and gave up the manicure game, and I lost my source for the best stuffed cabbage imaginable. Does anyone know if and/or where it can be had (preferably Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens)?

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  1. For those reading along, Martha's referring to the May 13 entry in my "What I Had For Dinner" diary, at link below (note: the "What's New" section of our homepage always contains notices about any sort of update in the site, so it's a good idea to keep your eye on it)