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May 12, 2001 10:48 PM

mango + sticky rice?

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Know any Thai or other SEA place serving this dessert? Of course with nice food as well. I've gobbled this up in Thailand (cheap) and cherished it in CA (not cheap), but haven't seen it here at all...
Been finding amazingly sweet little mangoes lately (Fairway called them "champagne mangoes... they seem like Mexican mangoes, no origin on sticker). Anyway they've got me jonesing for some thick, gooey, sticky rice...

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  1. Try Arharn Thai (32-05 36th Ave.718-728-5563).They do have Mango & sticky rice.It's not on the menu but they always have(I just had it in this afternoon,so good).Just ask them. Check the other post about the food here.I love this place!

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    1. re: Aki

      I'm glad you brought up Arharn Thai. Sripraphai is great, but I think Arharn Thai is often just as good, primarily because a significant number of their customers are Thai. The trick there is to convince the waitress to tell the chef to prepare the food Thai-style (which is a different thing from indicating spiciness preference--I think they sweeten up some dishes for Americans). You should also ask about some specials that might not be on the menu. The printed menu doesn't list many desserts, but they do exist. Walk back to the fridge across from the restrooms and point at whatever looks good. It's mainly various sweet items (corn, beans, lotus seeds, taro, gummy rice thingys, etc.) served with coconut milk over ice. Very simple, but extremely satisfying especially as the weather gets hot.

      1. re: Tom Meg

        But the important question is, do they use THAI mangoes. The mexican (and other) mangoes here in the states aren't nearly as sweet or as smooth textured as a ripe Thai mango. I lived on them in SE Asia but I'm not fond of the stringy mangoes I can get here.

        1. re: MCM

          you may want to look around a bit. Recently a new variety of mangos started appearing here (chicago) with boxes labeled "champagne mangos". They are a pale orange (as opposed to more widespread green and red mexican variety) slightly smaller and much thinner-skinned. I have found them juicy, very sweet without being cloying, ripen without stringiness, and much better than the usual varieties of mexican mangos we usually get. my father who grew up in India and takes his mangos very seriously (I have on numerous occasion seen him argue with other indian expratriates argue about the mango variety preference) says that this variety is more akin (but not quite as good) to the darsheeli variety he grew up with there. Here I have seen them mostly in the Indian produce markets on devon.

          1. re: zim

            Zim's post was very interesting -- we have so little variety of mangoes here. When I was in India, several people told me that I had to come back in the summer, mostly to taste the variety of mangoes which are then at their peak.

            1. re: Alan Divack

              if india is too far away, when you are next in london's spring get thee to southall and score yourself some alphonso mangoes - the king of fruits.

              1. re: howler

                that was precisely the argument. My father prefers darsheeli, my uncle lungra, my aunt being from bombay chose alphonso. Are any of the other varieties available there?

                1. re: zim

                  no, i've only seen alphonsos. but obviously your aunt is right, she's from bombay ;)

                  1. re: howler

                    Hey howler,

                    where are they importing these mangos from? I wonder if India will endeavor to protect the appelation as they are doing with basmati.

                    1. re: zim

                      mangoes are straight from india, in those familiar wicker baskets with striped paper.

                      you also get kairi, wow, you have to go to mexico to get it when in the americas .....

                      1. re: howler

                        so, how much are they selling these edible treasures for, if they are coming all the way from India?

                      2. re: zim

                        Basmati? What is being done about it? It's my favorite rice.

                        1. re: Kit H.

                          here's a link that came up in a quick web search for a summary of the issues


                          1. re: zim

                            Thank you for the basmati rice link. I have found there to be quite a difference in the quality of basmati rices, depending on where they are from.

                            1. re: Kit H.k

                              if you want basmati, I suggest going to an indian grocery store they will have several varieties from amritsar and it will be much cheaper than you would find basmati at a western grocer.

                              1. re: zim

                                You can get high-quality Pakistani or Indian basmati rice for about $10/10 lbs at Dowel, 1st Av. between 5th and 6th Sts. I imagine you can get similar deals at Kalustyan's.

                                1. re: zim

                                  I know. The Indian market not too far from me (So.CA) is a joy to many interesting chutneys and fresh fruits & vegetables, as well as the basmati rice. They also have a selection of take-out foods. As you say, the price is right!

                        2. re: howler

                          You're so lucky to get "names" for your produce. In California I just see a sign that says "mangos". Doesn't tell you much...oh, I did see a sign for "Mexican mangoes"...that's all.

                          1. re: Kit H.

                            the names I referred to in my earlier post (chicago) were on the side of the cases of mangos, so you have to go to place with high turnover (check the groceries in indian areas) the "champagne" mangos are also from mexico and I have also seen them referred to as "flat mangos"

          2. The dessert is seasonal (depending on availability of decent mango). Places that I have been to that I remember having had it on the menu during mango season: Rice in Park Slope, Siam Garden in Cobble Hill, Yum Yum in Hell's Kitchen and Bangkok Cafe in the Flatiron district (not actually recommending these places for entrees).

            Another way is to get a mango and some prepared sticky rice at a Thai market (i.e. Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco St. in Chinatown) and slap it together. One note: prepared sweet sticky rice is often helped by a refresher splash of coconut milk.

            1. I've had it at Lemon Grass Grill -- the branch on Broadway in the 90's. I'm not sure if the other Lemon Grass locales serve it as well. While the rest of the food at Lemon Grass is just ok, I've always enjoyed the chicken with basil and stringbeans

              1. Krour Thai Restaurant
                362 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001-4849
                Phone: (212)239-8792

                Located just north of FIT on the NE corner at 29th St? I only go in there once a year in June when I am visiting New York, but the owner always remembers me and says "We have sticky rice and mango today!"