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May 8, 2001 12:02 PM

avocado leaves

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Wondering if there are any sources in the city area for avocado leaves - I'm making a Rosa Mexicano Mixiote de pollo and the recipe calls for topping the chicken with them before steaming. (I made it this weekend without them and it was great, but would love to see what their addition brings..)

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  1. There are many sources for DRIED avocado leaves - really, any Mexican market (in Manhattan, you're mainly looking at East Harlem, a couple places on the LES, a few places on 9th ave. in the 30s and 40s...and maybe Kitchen Market in Chelsea) but I have yet to find fresh avocado leaves. You could try steaming with the dried, the steaming might sufficiently reconstitute it...or you could try fennel fronds for a remotely similar vibe.


    1. Not a quick fix, but...what about growing your own? Avocado seeds sprout readily and the trees grow easily in a large pot. You may never get fruit (in fact, you will never get fruit), but you'll get lots of leaves.

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        Growing your own avocado leaves is a great idea! Does anyone know of any other uses for avocado leaves - besides steaming?

      2. make sure the avocado tree you grow for leaves is of the Mexican strain. Other strains (including the US strain) are toxic.