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May 4, 2001 07:27 PM

Want to Find Great Greek Restaurant in NYC

  • j

I'm also looking for a very good Greek restaurant (that's not too expensive) in Manhattan.


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  1. j
    john knoesel

    Uncle Nicks on 9th Ave @ 50-51 serves grilled Greek seafood & chops at a reasonable price.
    For a coupla bucks extra, Molyvos, 7th @ 55, is my fav.
    Beautiful setting with excellent regional Greek fare.

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    1. re: john knoesel
      Josh Mittleman

      We ate at Uncle Nick's last night.

      We started with a large platter of mixed appetizers for $15. This is an excellent dish, easily enough for dinner for one. Two people could split it and then split one main dish. Taramosalata, tsatziki, stuff grape leaves (not great), feta, olives (not enough), great octopus, sausage, and kefte, and lots of pita.

      My wife has a half roast chicken, which was juicy but bland. It came with a large salad and a heap of rice.

      I had a plate of grilled sardines, more than I could eat, served with a dish of mixed cooked vegetables.

      We split a glass of ouzo and a bottle of nice white wine (Makedonikos, $22), and then had coffee and split an excellent galaktabourekos. The total before tip was
      abotu $70.

      1. re: Josh Mittleman
        Michele Cindy

        My husband and I have eaten at Uncle Nicks around 7 years and never ever had a bad experience like the following... (with or without our children).
        We went in 2 weeks ago on a Sunday 5pm with our children (6mos. & 2 yrs) and another friend. The place was 1/2 full. A 20 something big guy asked us "Do we have a reservation?" We said no, we never needed one here ever before??? He quickly RAN to the back of the restaurant and threw down a bunch of little reservation signs onto the empty tables. He came back and said that all he could give us was this one table, (which happened to be the WORST table in the place, especially when you have children), next to the bus station near the cooking area). We said we could'nt sit there, after a few rounds of talk, he finally gave us a table outside, which was fine. He then THREW the menus on the table and fled. Service was below the average for the rest of the evening. I wanted so much to say something. The nasty host really did whatever he could to try to make us leave. When we left my husband simply said thank you to him, our meal was delicious. I still would go back since it's in our area and we enjoy it.

    2. Ithaka on Barrow in the west village is pleasant (garden room out back, smoking tables up front), affordable, as authentic as Molyvos or the other popular places, at least as tasty as those places, and never too crowded.

      1. Avra on 48th (between 3rd and Lex) serves wonderful Greek Seafood.

        1. need to find the best galaktaboureko & spanokopita in manhattan for a friend who got used to great in astoria.

          1. You wont find it in the city, tell your friend Astoria is it.