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Apr 27, 2001 04:33 PM

Yo-Ho Potato Chips

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Yo-Ho Potato Chips, regional Chicago favorite. Are they still in business? Did not see their product when I was back in Chicago area in 2000. Do they have a web site ??? I can't find it...

Good eating....

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  1. f
    former Yo-Ho chip lover

    Sir, I visited chicago in August of this year(2001) and I found a Jewel store in Arlington Heights that carries them. Somehow they don't taste the same as before. But you can judge for yourself.

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      these are not the same stale tasting, salty, grease pocket filled potato chips that Chicagoans grew up with. they have new owners and a new recipe.... same box but not the same chips. if you're looking to rekindle the past, Mrs Fishers potato chips are the closest thing to the YO HO'S OF OLD you're gonna find. if i'm not mistaken, Sams Club carries Mrs Fisher... i too am a lover of the YO-HO'S of old.

    2. I found Yo-Ho at this site.
      I sent them an email (3/18/06) asking where i could find them in my area and am hoping for a reply..They are our card party tradition along with Point beer which we have to go to Wisconsin to buy..
      Good Luck

      1. A few years ago, my sister found them somewhere and bought me a box for my birthday. Talk about disappointment. They were not the same as the ones from the 60's. They tasted more like Jay's and oddly enough around the same time, Jays came out with Kettle-Cooked chips that tasted more like the old Yo-Ho's. It's as if Jays bought the old Yo-Ho recipe and used it for their kettle-cooked chips and made the new Yo-Ho's using the Jays recipe.