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Curry Udon

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  • MikeC Apr 21, 2001 11:58 AM
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Does anybody know where I can find some great curry udon. I found it everywhere when I was last in Japan ... at least in the Osaka area ... but the only place I've found it here is at Yaohan in New Jersey (I know it has a different name now) and a place on West 83 and broadway .. which has since closed. Any suggestions appreciated

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  1. I think Sapporo on 49th Street at 7th Avenue MAY have this dish. They serve a variety of Japanese comfort foods and I think this may be one of their offerings although I'm not positive.

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      Sapporo has it

    2. Yeah try Route 22 West in Plainfield or is it South Plainfield? any how try Captian Fresh which is located right after Appleby's They have awesome fresh seafood as well as takeout sushi!