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Apr 21, 2001 09:29 AM

Is it soft shell crab season yet?

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Due to popularity, I heard that soft shell crab season has been pushed back to mid-April now, although from what I read, it's normally from May to September. Anyone know of a place where I can enjoy chomping down on some NOW? Patience is a virtue, but when you have a craving...

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  1. The Oyster Bar at GCT always seems to get them early, and was, in fact, serving them this week (labeled on the menu as being Floridian). City Crab on Park Av. S. also was advertising softshells on a sign out front.

    For home cooks, Grace's Marketplace had a crate of them yesterday, albeit looking a bit lifeless, so it seems likely that other fishmongers have received some as well.

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      I had a delicious one last night at Red Cat. One medium-large softshell was served as an appetizer--dredged in coarse cornmeal, perfectly fried and set on a puddle of thin but intense carrot puree. That, half an order of their standout tempura string beans and a couple of glasses of New Zealand sauvignon blanc made for a relaxing dinner at the end of a hectic week.

      1. re: Martha Gehan

        That dish at Red Cat sounds good. I checked and found out that the restaurant is at 23rd St. & 10th Av. I'm in that area sometimes. What are the prices like?

        1. re: Michael L.

          The appetizers are about $7-$12, mains mid-teens to mid-twenties. I'm guessing that a three course dinner would be in the neighborhood of $45-$60 a person with a drink or glass of wine. I'm a little sketchy on the price of a full meal because the appetizers are so fabulous that I usually just have two of them and perhaps, if I'm starving, split a third. I'm not denigrating the entrees (I remember recently having good chicken and fantastic skate), but there are a couple of apps I have trouble passing up--especially a salad of greens crowned with a gorgonzola-stuffed pear, not on the current menu but I'm lobbying for its return. A lot of these starters are very rich, like the pear salad, the tempura string beans which are outrageously good and a completely decadent melange of garlic and melted fontina served in its own little sizzling skillet. I usually like whatever is on the rotating list of wines by the glass, and the other night my companion had the house julep, a delicious and strong concoction. Red Cat is not cheap, but I think you get a lot for your money in an attractive, comfortable atmosphere. Whether eating at a table or the bar service is good and management is welcoming. The bartenders are especially outstanding--efficient and cordial.

          1. re: Martha Gehan

            Thanks a lot for your response. It doesn't sound unreasonable for a meal w/o drinks and dessert.