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Apr 20, 2001 04:08 PM


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Does anyone know of a place to buy Becherovka (heavenly Czech liquer) in the NYC area? I've got an insane taste for it and don't want to pay upwards of $35 to order it online.

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  1. This is just a guess, since I don't actually know about the liquor you mentioned, but I would think that Grand Wine & Liquor in Astoria would have it, if anybody does. They're right below the 30th Ave. N train stop. It's a great place.

    Their number is (718) 728-2520.

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    1. re: Steven Stern

      They've got it! A million thanks, Steven. FYI, Becherovka is a really tasty, "natural" herb liquer that is thought to have medicinal properties. It's not too sweet, kind of gingery and tangy - not foul and processed like Jagermeister (gack) or something. A Beton (Becherovka and tonic water) tastes like a strong ginger beer, and I've yet to find a better hangover remedy or light cocktail.

      1. re: Lauren

        Thank -you- for telling me about it! Sounds like something I'd like a lot.

        1. re: Steven Stern

          It's wonderful stuff, unlike any liquer you've ever had. I brought a bottle back from Prague with me. Haven't thought of it in years. Now _I_ have a craving.

          A few places on the Upper East Side used to carry it. Now I have to find out if they still do.

    2. They may have it in the city at Astor Place Liquors. They seem to have a good selection. It's funny that you like that stuff. I have been to the town in the Czech Republic where they make it. It's not far from Prague.

      I've always prefered Fernet Branca myself when it comes to the herbal drinks. great for hangovers as well. Good Luck!