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Apr 13, 2001 07:00 PM

Herrs Dill-flavored potato chips

  • j

Last seen in Cape Charles, VA, a little town at the end of the DelMarVa peninsula. I snapped up a bag for the car ride back to NYC, and boy, am I annoyed I didn't buy a few more!

The chips are flecked with what I think is dehydrated dill, and taste a bit like "ranch" flavored chips, but have a pronounced dill flavor and aroma. DELISH!

Has anyone spotted these in NY, anywhere?

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  1. d
    david sprague

    the supermarkets here in jackson heights would have them sporadically---up until about a year and a half ago, when the supply seemed to dry up.

    i've never seen them anywhere else in nyc, although just about every rest stop in the catskills seems to have 'em.

    on a related note, i've been enjoying a new influx of Tayto crisps out here...including the rare appearance of my favorite "Prawn Cocktail" flavor. other big sellers include "Wuster Sauce" and the weird Beef flavor ones....

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      David, those unusual flavors sound wonderful. Prawn Cocktail, beef, et al., were/are all sold in England. When I lived there (many years ago), they also had roast chicken, ketchup, bacon and many other imaginative taste sensations! If I recall correctly, the beef tasted like Marmite! An aquired taste, but quite delicious. What are Tatos?? I don't think I've seen them in Manhattan. Are they actual potato chips -- or a chip-type product? The Herrs dill sounds great -- I've seen dill chips but put out by a different company -- kind of thick and not that old-fashioned 'potato chip' taste. But you may like it. I'll try to find the brand name.

      1. re: Alice
        david sprague


        Taytos is just the brand name of a regular crisp (actually one of the better brands i've had in import form). The package identifies them as "Northern Ireland's favourite" and they do seem to be made in a rather rural area of that country...I don't have a package handy, but the company's address is just a building name (no number) in a small town.

        the beef (and i know that's not the actual name of the flavor, which is something like "Roast Ox" (?) ) is a bit off-putting, but the rest are wonderful!

    2. They sometimes have them at Key Food, 187th and B'way. If you haven't seen the wacky-flavor-potato-chip threads we had awhile back you'd probably enjoy reading them.