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Apr 11, 2001 04:10 PM

Always Looking For An Old Fashioned Sausage, Pepper and Onion Hero (no sauce)

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The offering at the East Side John's Pizza is no slouch (they of course use sausage from the Bleeker Street pork store - Faicco's?). I'm all ears to other recommendations.

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  1. I know a place and the name escapes me. It's on Ninth Ave at 28th? someone must know the name.Starts with a "B". Anyways they make their own sausage and its delicious. I had a Pork with Apricot Sausage on a hero last week. I asked for a touch of sauce but you can have without.
    If your in that neck of the woods try it for lunch.

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      The name you are looking for is....

      Biricchino Northern Italian
      260 W 29th St
      New York, NY 10001-5201
      Phone: (212)695-6690

      They also have a deli next door where they sell a few different sausages each day (for you to cook.) You can order specific sausages made in quantity in advance if you want.