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Apr 4, 2001 03:00 PM

Pls help me find chivy!!

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Hello all, Pls help me re-live some old summertime childhood memories!! It would be a great day in the old neighborhood when Mr. Cusumano came back from "work" with chivy and we'd have a multi-family barbeque.
Chivy or chi-vuh-LAH (don't know how to spell it, this is phoentic)is skinny Italian sausage, you buy in a pin wheel. I believe it may be lamb. Very seasoned-garlic, cheese, parsley.
Can you help me find some?
I'd be eternally greatful.

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    Peter B. Wolf

    My assumption is the "Papa" was saying: "Cervelat", also called "cervelas", the first being of German,and the latter of French origin, BUT: it is assumed that the word came from the Italian, yes referring to a sausage with garlic and also definitely Brains, (Cervella Ita.)
    Today it is similar to Salami, especially the Milano type.
    Any one else try this one?, Peter