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Mar 23, 2001 04:05 PM

Is good quality Italian turkey sausage available in NYC area?

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I relocated here from Syracuse NY in '99 and foolishly assumed that this would be readily available here. Syracuse's Gianelli company makes an outstanding Italian style turkey sausage in both sweet and hot. I've tried several brands in the local north jersey markets and none compare. The Gianelli's tastes (to me) identical to a pork sausage but less fatty - it's that good. Any suggestions for a Manhattan or north jersey source of comparable product?

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  1. Turkey sausage is made during the spring and summer months at Dino's Bakery in Cliffside Park, NJ on Anderson Ave. In fact, he only started doing it last year after I told him what a huge seller it would be. It turned out all the old italian mamas would buy the turkey sausage instead of the pork, and their husbands never knew the difference.


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      stephen kaye

      try birrchino(spelling) in nyc, on 28 th st and 8 th ave i believe. they make everything on premises. their duck sausage, is fab. they might do the turkey

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        If you're willing to take the ferry ride, Pastosa is a great place for sausage and other Italian specialties. From the ferry, you can take the S48 bus to Forest Avenue (a block or two past North Burger, I think) to one of the three Pastosa locations. I just made a lasagne with their fabulous sweet and hot Italian sausages, as well as their delectable fresh, homemade mozzerella. I also buy my fresh ravioli and pastas here, as well as cheap dried porcini mushrooms, Italian soup mixes and imported cookies and pannetone. It's definitely worth the trip from Manhattan, and I'm sure the prices will easily beat anything you find in NYc's speciality shops!