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Mar 20, 2001 08:33 PM

Flying Saucers that are NOT chocolate or vanilla

  • j

Yup. I'm talking about the beloved ice cream sandwiches of my youth.

The other night I was cruisin Teaneck Road and I landed at the local Carvel -- and after I grabbed my requisite chocolate shake to soothe my bronchitis aggravated sore throat, I decided to bring home some Flying Saucers from their freezer case.

Sure enough, they had em, but only chocolate, vanilla, or vanilla with sprinkles. Huh? Now its been at least a good year or so since I bought saucers, but I destinctly remember at least from my childhood in Queens that flying saucers came in a MULTITUDE of flavors, including strawberry and pistachio, and coffee, black and white, as well as variations with nuts and crunchies.

I asked about this, and the owner shrugged and said that he wont make em because "the other flavors dont move as well."

Arrrgh! Does anyone know of a Carvel in the area that makes em in the other flavors?

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  1. e

    The closest Carvel w/strawberry & other saucers is on Main Street in Flushing at Booth Memorial Avenue. It's run by Chinese now. They have mango ice cream among others & it might be worth a stop.