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Mar 15, 2001 09:45 AM

Bonomo Turkish Taffy

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I have a very sick friend who loves this candy, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can buy some? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Sadly, Bonomo's doesn't exist any longer, but you can order a very close second through a website called It's called French Taffy. I've tried the vanilla and the chocolate and they're both good.

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    1. re: Dena

      Thanks to Dena's suggestion, I ordered Hometownfavorites French Chew taffy. Two dozen bars arrived yesterday. As soon as I opened the wrapper, just the smell alone was enough to bring back Bonomo memories. It's taste and texture (I'm a vanilla addict) was all I'd hoped it would be. Perhaps the only difference I noted was it's a bit less stretchy than years ago?? And--I haven't yet stuck it in the freezer yet and smashed it into little frozen pieces. Something I must do tonight.

      1. re: Lynn
        Sherri Steinfeld

        You can also get French Chew and many, many other old time candies (and modern ones too) at Economy Candy on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side. A veritable candy lover's PARADISE...definitely worth the trip from just about anywhere.

        1. re: Lynn

          Thanks for the great tip, Lynn. I,too, scarffed down as much as my taste buds could tolerate of the vanilla!!! Glad to find a kindred spirit and was desolate when I could not find the great Bonoomo. Heard he died at 100 back in 1999. I am a displaced New Yorker and the memories are worth a bundle.

        2. re: Dena

          I found the vanilla flavored French Chew taffy by Doscher's Candies at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Gift Shop in Rochester, NY. A bar was $.69, but the taste was worth a million. Maybe other Cracker Barrel's carry them too. Good Luck!

          1. re: Linda

            If I sent you money could you get me a few bars?.. I heard that Bonomo's sold to Hersheys Candies years ago and that Hershey's discontinued the candies (from an old website posting) and today I received an email from someone that found my old email(??) and gave me the name of this company, Dorshers.. I grew up in NY and live in CA and I miss my vanilla Bonomo's bars.. I am going to write to the company and try and order from them but I am not a wholesaler so I may not be able to.. could you get more?

            1. re: Sherry

              French Chew is available through an internet site - link below. No need to be a wholesaler.


              1. re: Sherry
                Caitlin McGrath

                Click on the link below to order French Chew from


              2. re: Linda

                I rember Bonomo Turkish Taffy very well. As a lottle girl we were a able to get it all the time now it is impossible to find it. So the Doscher's french chew taffy is a very very good substitute. I purchased my french chew taffy from Hometown Favorites in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are 65 cents a bar and come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. Give Hometown Favorites a try. Hope you enjoy all of there other hard to find candies also!!

                1. re: Tammy Rhodes

                  Unfortunately, you can't get Bonomo Turkish Taffy anymore. It was last made by the Tootsie Roll Company in the 1980s. I think all of us who have been looking and craving our Turkish Taffy should write to Tootsie Roll and ask them to start making it again.

              3. re: Dena

                Correct me if I am wrong but wasnt bonomo turkish taffy made by Borden? If so many people like it, why dont they start making it again. I wish I had the recipe, I would make tons of money!

                1. re: Robin
                  Natalie House

                  I wish they still made it to then i would be able to find the recipe easier for my school

              4. Elsewhere here I found that the person named Bonomo died years ago. Toosie Roll bought the company and discontinued the taffy in 1968. I'm writing to them tomorrow. If the Beetle can be reborn, so can vanilla Bonomo taffy.
                Tootsie Roll Industries
                7401 South Cicero Ave., Chicago IL 60629-5879.
                If enough people write....who knows?

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                1. re: Norma K

                  I am writing to TR right now!!!

                  1. re: Norma K

                    Sweet, sticky, beloved Bonomo's Turkish Taffy. RIP. Yes, DO write the Tootsie Roll company, but in the meantime, try Doscher's FRENCH CHEW TAFFY - the closest to Bonomo's I have had. (Vanilla rules!) My sister ordered it from a "nostalgia' food site: (THINK that's the URL. Or it may have been a candy site. Will ask her.) The aroma and flavor almost brought tears to my eyes. Texture is a little different but close enough. And it even smashes into tasty lil morsels after you freeze it. Keep us posted on Bonomo's Turkish Taffy and the Tootsie Roll Co. response. I think they're missing out on a BIG market at 'the right time!' Thanks!

                    1. re: Alice

                      I am so excited you posted this. I have an ice cream parlor with OLDE Fashioned candy and people have been asking for Turkish Taffy, and I had no idea where to turn. Thanks for the heads up....

                      1. re: Alice
                        Dolores Scardine

                        How can I get ahold of Doscher to complain about why im having such a tough time getting the paper off of ther sticky chew candy which is my favorit, all flavors but vanilla Is my all time favorit. Im having a fit because I cant get the paper off the candy any more it was not always like that so whats different now. If you can help me get the name of Doschers Candy Company please send me the number e-amil

                      2. re: Norma K

                        I am almost positive that Turkish Taffy is located in the center of the Carleston Chew candy bar. If you don't believe me, just scrape off all of the chocolate covering and eat the vanilla center. It even heats up in your mouth like Bonomo's used to. Try putting a bar in the ice box for awhile and the smack it on a table.
                        I believe that Tootsie Roll makes the Charleston Chew if I am not mistaken so all they have to do is get off their backsides, take the center of the Charleston Chew, flatten it out into it's original shape, wrap it and send it to the stores nationally where all of us will be waiting to snatch it up! Get with it TooTsie Roll!

                      3. Bonomo is back! I met the manufacturer at the Sweets and Snacks Expo this week, and tasted one of the first production runs. He says it is the original recipe, and I saw strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate flavors. He says French Chew is not the same as the original recipe, which he bought from Tootsie Roll.

                        I'm sending some of the samples I picked up to my auntie, who has been pining for years after this candy. They're working on getting it into stores, but are also planning on selling online at including some cute gift tins that are definitely heading Aunt-ward this Christmas. Nothing happening on that website yet but he says it's a priority and the press release says it'll be available in July 2010.

                        Warrell Company is the manufacturer, and you can see the press release at

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                        1. re: Chris VR

                          Boomer nostalgia triumphs again!

                          1. re: BobB

                            Never underestimate the market power of nostalgia! Another company there is resurrecting AstroPops lollipops. I don't know how well favorites from previous generations will translate to today's markets... I thought the sample of Bonomo was good but it's not a candy I'd find myself craving. We'll see, I suppose!

                            (sorry for duplicates, guess it doesn't like edits from the iPad)

                            1. re: Chris VR

                              Chris, do you know if theres anyplace in MA where we can get it? So do you work in the candy industry?? Did you happen to see Pine Bros honey throat drops?

                              1. re: chompie

                                I don't work in the industry but I do have a friend who does and she got a pass for me. I haven't seen them in MA. I didn't see PIne Bros honey throat drops there, but there were probably at least a thousand booths and I'm sure I missed a lot!

                                1. re: chompie

                                  Chompie - Pine Bros honey throat drops are now available at the Vermont Country Store, haven't bought any myself yet, but will soon. They have loads o old fashioned candy, including those yummy neopolitan colored coconut candies that I loved as a kid.

                                  1. re: kimfair1

                                    Vermont Country Store site looks awesome, their price for 3 Pine Bros. is $9.90 and this site has them at 1 for $2.99 + free shipping when you place a $25 or more order...



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