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Mar 5, 2001 11:51 AM

Old Bay Seasoning Flavored Utz potato chips

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I have never been able to find Old Bay Seasoning flavored Utz potato chips outside the Maryland/D.C area. Does anyone know where to find them in Manhattan?


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  1. I think I've seen them at some of the bigger grocery stores in Brooklyn. But, according to the website, you can e-mail their sales rep for a more specific response.

    Their mail order isn't bad, either. I use it to keep my ex-Bawlamoron best friend up to her neck in crabby, chippy goodness in the wilds of Vermont.

    BTW, it's $8.50 for a medium carton of Crab Chips.

    Alternately, you could just buy some Grandma Utz and douse 'em in Old Bay, but that's probably not what you're after.


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    1. re: Kat Kinsman
      david sprague

      can't vouch for manhattan, but virtually every supermarket along 37th avenue in jackson hts--trade fair @ 75th st, met food@ 76th st--has that flavor on an everyday basis, usually marked down to 99ยข a bag.

      they also have an odd "salt and pepper" flavor that's not quite salt and pepper, not quite salt and vinegar, but which bears an interesting tangy aftertaste...