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Mar 2, 2001 07:02 PM


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  1. Kumquats are in season now,and are available at fancy food /grocer shops.However,be aware that the quality hasn't been too great so far this year-all the kumquats that I've come across are kind of mealy and dry...try before you buy!

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    1. Perhaps someone will explain what they see in kumquats and how to eat/enjoy them. I don't know whether I've actually even bitten right into one, but my impression is similar to the thread below...dry, mealy, bitter, and so on. Enlightenment, please!

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        Kumquats are delicious when candied,but they're a strong combination of bitter-sweet,and people seem to like them or can't stand can candy them whole.It's a little time consuming,but easy.

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          When kumquats are fresh and ripe, they're neither dry nor mealy; they ARE a bit bitter, though. They're a citrus fruit whose peel is sweeter than the flesh - I love them; when eaten straight, they're a wild combo of the sweet and bitter peel, and the sour citrus fruit. You ARE eating mainly peel though, so bear that in mind. If you squeeze them a little, or roll them between your fingers, you release some of the rind's sweet oils and it tastes a little better. You can just eat the litle seeds, but that bugs some people.

          Besides eating straight, they're most often used for desserts - candied, stewed, made into marmalade, etc - for which they're fantastic. I also like them anywhere you might otherwise use unpeeled lemons - tarts, focaccia, even blanched, dried, and deep-fried with calamari. Blanching tempers their intensity a little. You can also cook them with meats, adding them to sauces with a bit of body & sweetness to them - a fruit sauce for duck, perhaps. And you could grill them on skewers between, say, pork chunks.


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            Although Nils said just about everything that can be said on the subject, i would like to add my comments. If you want to make the candied Chinese restaurant kind, the recipe is in "Joy of Cooking". (It involves several changes of water). You can eat them fresh (and whole), but candying is a better way to go. And why are there no chocolate-covered kumquats?

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              kumquats are great when they are halfed and then marinaded in some sugar...mmmm...

            2. ...they're cheapest and freshest there.