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Feb 27, 2001 10:58 AM

Hot cross buns

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My mom, in a vague nod at religion, always managed to procure hot cross buns during Lent. I think they were available from William Greenberg, but I'm a little hazy on it. I do remember that I loved them. As Lent approaches, does anyone know where I can get some good ones? (preferably Manhattan, East side-uptown or downtown)

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  1. I like Entenmann's -- cheap and good. If you want to bake your own, i'm sure epicurious has a recipe.

    1. I noticed a tray of them this past week at Glendale Bakery, which perfumes the corner of Lexington and 87th St. You may want to drop by if only for the classic bake-shop aromas that waft into the environs.

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        Dean and DeLuca at Prince and Broadway had hot cross buns at their bread/pastry counter yesterday.Not sure which bakery they came from, though.