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Feb 22, 2001 08:27 PM

Bar Chili

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I have an occasional yen for what I call "bad bar room chili" --intensely flavored stuff designed to soak up booze and/or help a hangover. Any suggestions? I tried Cedar Tavern's and it was a little too much like dogfood (even for me!)

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  1. Ken & Bobs Broome Street Bar ( @ West Broadway ) has been serving Chili for as long as I have frequented the place ( about 20 years ).
    They serve it with a nice sharp cheddar and great pumpernickel or rye bread.
    This place also serves one of the best burgers in town.
    A SoHo original.

    1. Try the chili at Ear Inn on Spring St. Goes great with a little hair o' the dog.

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        Barrie Covington

        Although I haven't been in a while, I used to go with my coworkers to the Old Town Tavern on W. 18th Street for chili and beer. Could be what you're looking for!